Being serious about your business means developing it also by selling. I mean here good, old, personal sales, not an automated funnel, where it is very little or zero contact with prospective clients. I’m not against automation, but I have a strong opinion about being visible out there and being in regular with your prospects.

You cannot hide behind the scenes, and you can’t avoid your future clients if your dream about successful business. I know that for the introverts, it sounds serious; for some of them, it might become a severe problem at the beginning. But no worries, sales is a skill that could be learned like any other skill you have already mastered in your life.

The ugly truth is that sales is the fuel for your business. If you do not like selling and do not practice it every day, you have a bag of costs and an expensive hobby, not a serious company. Let’s face it. We all dream about freedom, followed by ease and joy. But for the majority of business owners, especially the introvert ones selling activities are always associated with sleazy, pushy acts of manipulating people into something they do not need or do not want. While heart-based, energetic selling could be an easy and even joyful experience if you know how to do it.

I want to concentrate on the central element of your sales activities which is the offer. By offer, I mean the service you provide and feel enthusiastic.


We want to be proud of our offers, lean into them, fall in love with them before they are presented to our ideal clients. We also wish to our ideal clients to be served at the highest possible level. It happens like that because we love our clients. Selling is a form of love expressed toward our ideal clients; your energy transfers onto the client when you lean in and tune in to this concept.

The heart-centred offer has the power no other, regular offer has. It responds to the secret desires of your ideal client. You become THE GUIDE for your client that opens up the layers and the ingredients of something fundamental for the success of the sales offer – THE TRANSFORMATION. As a guide, your responsibility is to facilitate the transformation. It is your sacred duty.

If you remember the Star Wars series, one of the main characters was Luke Skywalker, who was the farm boy who became one of the biggest Jedi in the galaxy. Master Yoda facilitated his transformation with his famous transformational quotes

“If no mistake you have made, losing you are. A different game you should play” – Yoda, Jedi Master

  1. BIG PROMISE is the number one element of the irresistible sales offer. Remember that great products either remove the pain or provide pleasure. So the big promise reflects your why and your offer credo. It’s usually one sentence, less than ten words. For example “from zero to hero” or “Become fearless and unstoppable”.
  2. To deliver your big promise, you would need a HOOK that acts as a bite to attract the interest of your ideal clients. The example of the hooks I use in my advertising is “Free From Fear” or “Say Goodbye To Your Fears.”
  3. You would need A STORY to connect your ideal client with you so they can relate to your experience
  4. The irresistible offer should be a little difficult to catch. The element of URGENCY serves that purpose. It could be limited time or number of spots, the highlight of the momentum (the best season is coming and you still move ahead and make your first 10K sales)
  5. BONUS if you join today, I will give you something extra
  6. RISK REVERSAL mechanisms release the tension and make the decision easier for the ideal client. These are trial periods, sneak peeks into a product, test drives, guarantees, refunds policy, life-time access or limited-time access with or without renewal.
  7. Irresistible offer requires irresistible PRICE. It means that price needs to reflect the value of your offer, which is, in essence, the value of the transformation it provides. It should be a bit of a stretch for the ideal client to make her committed and do the job. So once the job is done, she feels aligned with her experience on the RETURN ON INVESTMENT. There are always the results of such work. Some are tangible; some remain intangible. Your client might have a direct and instant return in the revenues, the number of new clients acquired thanks to the money invested in the program. Usually, there are also mindset shifts and a variety of learnings happening that will have an impact only in future.

How can you start selling with grace, ease and joy? For a start, you can chat with me! We can discuss where you are in your business journey, what are your ideal clients and products you want to offer and what are the fears you need to conquer. I will design the program which tailored to your personal needs so you can still move ahead this Autumn and enjoy the best selling period, which typically happens in the last quarter of a year. Let’s talk!