You Can Totally Move Online. Even When Your Website Is Not Ready

Feeling ready to move online but lost where to start?

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Fear Collection – So Where Do I Start This Online Thing?

For many women, entrepreneurs moving online feels like learning a foreign language. Most of the things are new, many activities expected from you do not feel right. Some of them seem complicated, some do not resonate with your authentic self and are not supporting who you are and how you want position your self

Key Mistakes When Moving Online. Mistake #1 Your Website

Online gurus and digital experts will recommend you to move online with your website. This will be your primary source of client acquisition. This may actually be not 100% true. You will have to build your website accurately and adequately. But you will be missing that knowledge in the beginning.

Fear Collection – I Do Not Have A Bullet-Proof Brand

In my opinion, a bulletproof brand is an extraordinary brand that can survive any apocalypse. It can thrive and grow at any time. People respond to brands, they feel attracted to their energy and appeal exactly the same way they respond to other people’s vibration.

Fears Collection – I might Not Be Enough

The minute you decide to play big you might feel self-doubts and uncertainties about your own value. And sometimes they can become really ugly keeping you in the dark place, preventing moving bravely forward. At some point, you may start believing that what you offer to the world actually does not have any value.

Fears Collection – Nobody Will Buy From Me

What you experience is quite a common fear that could be a form of self-sabotage and self-judgment. It all starts when you start comparing yourself with other entrepreneurs out there and realize that it seems all come to them so easy. You obviously have no idea what is happening in their mind.

Three Virtues Helping in the Online World

Speach about courage, persistence, and accountability so needed when you move online. Every day we face things we have absolutely no control of. And we have to cope with this.  Thoughts about the inclusion of fear and doubt into the process when you move online.

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I work with women who already are unapologetic about their dreams and desires but doubt in their abilities and power to make it happen. I help them to break unhealthy beliefs, self-doubts and fears to grow into fearless and unstoppable badass they always wanted to be.