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Welcome! This is Maggie.

I am thrilled to introduce you to my podcasts area designed as an inspiration for the business owners and entrepreneurs in their daily tasks. I will be inviting here guests, business people and practitioners, running their own companies to share with us their discoveries, behind the scene news, their “Aha” moments and tricks to solve difficult looking issues in an incredibly easy way.

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How To Get Customer Insights Using Social Intelligence

Interview Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, company specializing in artificial intelligence for customer insights & influencer marketing

5 Ways Image Consultant Will Help You Get More Business

Interview with Valentina Lombardi, Image Consultant and Personal Style Coach, tutor in a famous Make up School of Milan

Key Secrets To Run A Successful Business with Your Spouse

Interview with Eva Mendez-Garcia, Associate Partner at Keaton Communication, an interactive agency based in Madrid

Hi! I’m Maggie!

I serve women who are totally into their new online business. I am lucky to help coaches, consultants, and kick-ass experts to confront their fears transforming them into unstoppable power.