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Key Secrets To Run A Business with Your Spouse

My guest today is Eva Mendez Garcia, one of the Associate Partners in  Keaton Communication, a creative agency from Madrid. Eva is fantastic business woman known for her ability to deliver and make impossible things come true, mainly thanks to her determination, incredible patience, empathy, diplomacy and negotiation skills, keeping at the same time her integrity, femininity and delicate nature preserved.  I know Eva for almost 20 years, we have been together in various situations in the corporate world having international career and I have always admired her positive attitude and willingness to search for new solutions.  For already several years Eva runs a company together with her husband Luis, so we discuss today about the complexity of family business, especially in the small company.

In this episode of Maggie’s Hub

  • Common opinion on mixing business  with love life in one company
  • Positive sides and tricky grounds when running business together
  • Coping with parenting and  family issues when running business together
  • Stress acceleration vs. understanding – common misconceptions
  • Getting the outside view on the business and on the family
  • Secret routines that keep family and business going almost stress free
  • How one can survive tough time in the company and in family

“Our time outside the office every day is crucial for decision making.”

Key takeaways:

  1. Separate roles and responsibilities
  2. Final decision taken by the person in charge of the topic
  3. Remember that key business decisions will have an impact on the family
  4. Respect each other even more than clients and employees
  5. Ensure time together to take calm decisions

 “Respect is a key, you need to remember that in the end you will be going home together”

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