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Fearless. Prosperous. Unstoppable. Your move!

Show Up And Serve Your Clients. Rise Above Your Fear

The business transformation could be a stressful exercise. You need to learn million things on the go. You might be scared to put your face behind your own brand, tech stuff could be frustrating and online sales seems to be totally new ball game. I get that! I have been there when I decided to go 100% online and discovered how you need to break the barriers we build in our minds and release our super powers


Supportive Environment


Practical knowledge shared in small, international groups. Direct access to te world-class business coach, inspiration and every-day support of the peers community.


Step-By-Step System


Individual, intimate coaching one on one and digital lessons with video instructions, study materials and tests. Weekly Q&A sessions and personal feedback.


Real Life Know-How


Real life examples and know-how from all over the world, practical knowledge transfered into your business,  easy application into any kind of business.


Unstoppable Confidence


Transition from a digital rookie into an absolutely unstoppable and fierce leader confidently building her authority and selling online with authenticity and reckless power.


Maggie’s Core Values

Maggie’s Hub was designed with an intention to give the practical advice, share the expert knowledge and provide the necessary support to all business owners looking for inspiration, accountability, striving to build a valuable online presence and implement successful, result oriented business strategies.



“I want to thank you for teaching. I really like to be around people I can learn from and grow. You are my coach who taught me a lot:  how to build strategies based on real data, how to set up realistic targets and how to present results in a clear way. I have learned how to manage projects and how manage people better. You are my leader that I want to follow!”

Joanna Rechnio, Marketing Manager

Make a decision for yourself. It’s really up to you to get over this fear that stops you.

Maggie shows you how to do it in such an easy and doable way.

The program is worth every penny that I paid for.

Actually, it is worth much, much more!

Sandra Ganz, Business Coach

“Great visionary, defining clear strategic goals and very consequent in executing them. Not afraid to set up high standards for herself as well as for others. Excellent analytical skills combined with the years of experience make her open minded but also very realistic about what can be achieved. Strong leader, always listening to other points of view and taking it into consideration while being clear in her goals. Honest, energetic with great sense of humor that makes it greatest pleasure to work with her. She sets up best example for a business professional as well as for human being: knowledge, dedication, patience and heart.”

Monica Krol, Project Manager

 It has been an incredible journey! I wanted to create a signature scalable program to encompass what I wanted to deliver to my clients – the magical transformation. Together we created all the steps I would not have known how to do on my own. And yesterday, during one session, we created the content for four out of six steps. Thank you for your magic, Maggie!

Sonia Grimes, Intuitive Confidence Coach

I had two sessions with Maggie on an issue I was unable to help myself. I was surprised how much emotions were released just by talking about it and “calling it the real name”. This alone was helpful and felt lighter and more clear after that. I also gained a new more supportive perspective. Thank you, Małgorzata!

Linda Berger, , Money Mindset Coach

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Hi! I’m Maggie!

I say NO to powerless self-doubts and resentful unconfidence. My focus and passion is courageous growth and expansion despite fears and uncertainties trying to stop us on many steps on the way. I help coaches, experts and service providers to re-gain their fire, detach from judgment and become unapologetic about their own dreams and desires.