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5 Ways Image Consultant Will Help You Get More Business

My today’s guest is Valentina Lombardi – an incredible, resourceful, full of positive energy woman with a great passion to build the connection between the outside beauty of a person with his or her inner values and temperament. Valentina is very unique image consultant and personal style coach practicing in Milan, she is also teaching Image Consulting in a famous Make up School of Milan,  MBA Making Beauty Academy.

As a solo entrepreneur Valentina provides her services to individuals and corporates, always using her exclusive – holistic approach towards her clients. As practitioner of  reiki, yoga and meditation she had developed this very special way of looking at her clients and listening to their longings and expectations. Her mission is to empower women to feel positive about themselves, to find their best image, best version, always strongly connected to their inner self.

In this episode of Maggie’s Hub

  • We learn what are the specifics of image consultant work
  • How Feng Shui philosophy could be used for client’s benefit
  • Working with most delicate and difficult topics like self esteem
  • The biggest fears of image consultant clients
  • What to wear if you have a speech for 500 people
  • Solo entrepreneurs healthy habits to get support for tough times

“Wearing only black or neutral colours is just sad”

Key takeaways:

  1. Be prepared for deep, also coaching type work with your image consultant
  2. Know your body shape, best colours and appropriate size when picking up clothing
  3. Image consultant services are available for “normal” people, not only celebrities
  4. Try to find positive side of every event happening
  5. Remember, especially when taking big business decisions, only solo entrepreneur can feel your pain, and your doubts. Use the network! Try the community.
  6. Words of Wisdom
    1. Stay resilient, be committed and learn from your mistakes
    2. Everyone should find a time for at least 10 min meditation daily

“I am relieved you do not change people into something they are not. I have found my better version!” 

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