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How To Get Customer Insights Using Social Intelligence

My special guest today is Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence for customer insights & influencer marketing, based in London. They have pioneered the integration of social listening and private on-line communities. Michalis and I discuss how social intelligence deserves to have already its own place in the organisations and how small companies can benefits from social intelligence in a smart way.

In this episode of Maggie’s Hub we discuss on:

  • How does technology help in data harvesting and analysing with machine learning processes
  • Why do you need to identify homonims in your category and exclude them from the analysis
  • What accuracy levels should be expected from professional social intelligence provider
  • What are the areas to use social intelligence in the big and small organisation
  • Why social intelligence as a new discipline does already deserve its own department
  • What needs to happen for social intelligence to expand

“All the stuff we used to ask in the brand health surveys now can be done by social media listening and it is faster, cheaper and more robust.”

Key takeaways:

  1. When choosing a provider for social intelligence pay attention to the accuracy level in sentiment, semantics and relevance and be aware of your market standard levels.
  2. Social intelligence is a great tool for FMCG, Sports, luxury products, engaged communities like mums or pet owners, not so much in BTB categories
  3. There are ways to do some social listening by yourself even if you are small or even micro organisation

“Be stubborn, keep going every day, believing that whatever you want to achieve, you can achieve”

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

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