Chronic Lack Of Time? Discover My Secret Weapon.


Starting own business is supposed to bring the freedom, ease, creativity and shorter hours of amazing work. Paradoxically most business owners face the chronic lack of time and the feeling of being a slave to time. Time management techniques teach us prioritizing things and creating the to-do lists to help. But in the long run they frequently add on the excruciating frustration and disempowerment. The hard-to-understand phenomenon of the to-do list stands for never-ending list of tasks that are humanly impossible to be executed in one day. We know it and yet we bring just another and another item to make sure we have it all under control. As a result it is a to-do list that controls us and our time not vice versa. When it happens it is easy to fall into a trap of sabotaging yourself by feeling all alone, seeing all

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How To Set Prices To Grow Your Business And Your Confidence


Pricing strategy is an energetic practice and your ability to set up new prices reflects your current state of mind and your beliefs around money. You want to charge prices that bring the smile to your lips, make you proud and enhance your life instead of complicating it. In reality, one of the first conversations I have with my clients is always about charging. Unfortunately, the common practice for female entrepreneurs is to undercharge and then over-deliver. Stepping inside your truth and perceiving the true value of your services leads to many internal shifts and so the external reality must also catch-up. How much do you want to charge? Once you set aligned prices for your 1:1 and intimate group programmes, you can serve more powerfully and the whole game changes. Yes, it takes some internal work and adjustment in marketing our services, but it’s a gratifying

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Busting Visibility Blocks


The fear of looking horrible in the camera, fear of not making any sense when speaking, fear of putting your face behind the brand, fear of rejection or negative emotions - can you relate to any of those? If that’s your case - this video is for you and it will give you the three great practices to harness above mentioned self-doubts. Busing Visibility Blocks is a masterclass for women who build their online empire but feel demotivated by their fears and do not know how and if they could shut down this feeling. It is a great training material for course creators, program providers and change-makers. It will help all motivated, determined ladies ready for change and some effort that sometimes might be: messy scary chaotic turbulent Change is hard because it is always easier to stay in the old and known environment than

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How Can I Build A Bulletproof Brand?


A brand is not a logo or a company name. Nowadays, you can brand a service, a person, or even a concept the same way you brand products or companies. Brand owners do that to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate from other similar products, services, or ideas. In my opinion, a bulletproof brand is an extraordinary brand that can survive any apocalypse. It can thrive and grow in any times. People respond to brands; they feel attracted to their energy and appeal precisely the same way they react to other people's vibration. That is why it is smart to equip your brand with specific attributes so that your brand has a voice and personality. The identity of your brand (name, color schemes, and logo) needs to match your personality and your point of view blueprint. Why is that? Because the bulletproof brand starts

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Move Online Even Without Website


It seems quite impossible to have a business and not have a website these days. For the younger population, it is quite natural to set up a web and e-shop even before the company is fully operational. They are aware of how things work. For the business owners who are not "internet native," i.e., they grew up in the era before the internet and web expansion, these things are not coming so naturally. There are still many high-class specialists and kick-ass experts who operate solely in the offline world. They did not move online for one of many reasons. They could have felt intimidated by the technology or do not respond well to social media. Some might not know where to start. The gurus recommend going online with the web It takes courage and determination to decide finally to move online, but here comes the

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Selling Practices for Introverts


Is Active Selling For Introverts At All? Introverts believe that any form of open information about the product or service sounds already like hard selling. You need to reach out to people and explain what your product or service is about. You need to run the sales conversation, react to opinions, convictions, hesitations. Hence the selling process seems like a nightmare for them. “I hate selling, I am not a salesperson. I know that once I catch the client, I am really OK when sharing my stuff, but selling really sucks”. I keep hearing this kind of comments frequently.  It seems that women generally prefer to share, discuss, explain, show, recommend, exchange, or describe but not brag about their achievements or passions. Bragging is not elegant, we prefer to believe that “a good product will sell itself.” Boasting, and hard-selling sucks! We are convinced that the real trading is for

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Should You Build Your Web Alone – Pros and Cons


Should You Build Your Web Alone - Pros and Cons As a small or even micro business owner, you have got to have a website to position yourself as an expert and to build trust in your company. The creation cost of the complete website can be anything between 100$ to few thousands. For complex, custom-built and reach in multiple features web the prices can go even over 25.000$. The final cost will depend on the size, complexity, functionality, and your own work that you intend to put behind the creation process. If you are determined to set up your company website yourself, which is totally doable these days, you need only to secure the budget for purchasing the domain and hosting – an amount up to 100$. The rest will be your time and creativity and a few tech skills required from you. On the other hand, if you

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How To Evaluate Web Theme So It Contributes To Your Business


How To Evaluate The Web Theme So It Contributes To Your Business Here comes the moment when you finally need to decide how your web will look like. This is it, now it is the time! This is one of the defining moments. I know that until now I have been telling all the time “do not jump too quickly to this phase!”. You can compare it to the selecting of the wedding dress. It has to be elegant, but not too flashy, comfortable so that you can dance and sit with ease. You would expect it to highlight your advantages and cover some flaws. It should present your best side and remain close to your personal values. Your website should be more than a wedding dress. In a way, you will be asking your clients to marry you. It would be great if it could display your

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Key Mistakes To Avoid When You Build Your First Web


Key Mistakes To Avoid When You Build Your First Web To make a successful website, you need three things 1. domain 2. hosting and Entrepreneurs tend to jump immediately to the web creation process and start searching for web developers or graphic designers, expecting them not only to produce a beautiful web but also answer all the questions on the go. If you are lucky and happen to work with a designer or developer who is vastly experienced and also have a strategic mind – you might have a beautiful relationship and receive the feedback you expect. Unfortunately, this is not a common practice, and you should be prepared to guide your team and lead the process. Not vice versa. Let me share with you five mistakes that can surely contribute to your daily stress level when not addressed on time. The topics sound a bit “techy,” but in

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Selecting Web Domain Is A Creative Process


Selecting Web Domain Is A Creative Process In the beginning, everybody struggles with the meaning, importance, and relevance and of a web domain. People mix domain with web address and URL. Let me put things in order really quickly for you. Maggie’s Hub has a web domain – maggieshub, its web address is and its URL is See, easy peasy :). I would like to make your first step ACTIONABLE AND PRACTICAL for you, so let me share 3 huge mistakes people usually do when selecting their web domain. A substantial amount of money may stay in your pocket should you decide to avoid making them. Mistake # 1 – Do Not Rush The Creative Process A decision on the name and type of the domain to be adapted for your business should be one of your first decisions when going online. It should not be rushed for

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