The fear of looking horrible in the camera, fear of not making any sense when speaking, fear of putting your face behind the brand, fear of rejection or negative emotions – can you relate to any of those? If that’s your case – this video is for you and it will give you the three great practices to harness above mentioned self-doubts.
Busing Visibility Blocks is a masterclass for women who build their online empire but feel demotivated by their fears and do not know how and if they could shut down this feeling. It is a great training material for course creators, program providers and change-makers. It will help all motivated, determined ladies ready for change and some effort that sometimes might be:

  • messy
  • scary
  • chaotic
  • turbulent

Change is hard because it is always easier to stay in the old and known environment than jump ahead into the UNKNOWN.


The fact that you have never done it, do not control it and never mastered it does not mean you can’t learn it and be perfect at it. The three practices shared here are quite easy to do, although not trivial and they require a bit of work with some consistency and persistence.

Step 1 – Audit
This is the key step, the most challenging and the one many people drop off. But once you do it right and get over your own resistance it creates a very powerful self-development tool. It requires the assistance of journaling. If you are new to journaling technique here is the link to the video on this topic.
Your task is to write down all the fears related to this issue. It usually is more than one general thing. Think about all self-doubts that come up when thinking about you and visibility online. Some people end up writing the list on four, even five pages.

People can never rise about the opinion they have about themselves.

All the limiting beliefs that are embedded by our family, upbringing, environment create the beliefs we hold about our ability to do new things.
The practice goes beyond having a list of limiting beliefs and involves releasing the tension and resistance in these areas. You can use releasing mantras coming from Hoʻoponopono – a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. For every limiting belief say: I see you, I love you, I forgive you and I release you. Majority of your unhealthy beliefs will be released that way.

Step 2 – Vision
It is a far easier step to cover and it requires only looking into the emotions that you would like to create. Think about how you would like to feel when being visible online and what emotions you would love to activate with your audience. Is it just information sharing or is there more into it? Perhaps there is about being enlightened, engaged, opened up, thrilled, amazed?
You can also make a list of keywords representing the emotions that you want to share with your audience. Look at this list before going live and sharing your content. Embody the energy behind each of the emotions, feel the feelings. That would set your energy on the level matching target emotions.

Step 3 – Rewire
This is the final practice sealing off the two prior techniques. Remember that thoughts create actions, so ditch the negative ones and adopt the positive selecting very consciously. The ability to choose your thoughts and how you relate to your environment changes everything in your universe.


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