Do you ever find yourself fearing the camera, doubting your ability to speak sensibly, or hesitating to put your face behind your brand? If you can relate to any of these fears, this video is tailored just for you. It unveils three powerful practices to conquer these nagging self-doubts.

Breaking Through Visibility Blocks: A Masterclass for Empowered Women

This masterclass is designed for women forging their online empires but feeling demotivated by their fears. If you’re unsure how to silence these doubts, this training material is for you. It’s equally valuable for course creators, program providers, and change-makers. It’s tailored for the determined ladies prepared for a journey that can sometimes be:

  • Messy
  • Scary
  • Chaotic
  • Turbulent

Change is often challenging. Staying in the comfort of the familiar is easier than leaping into the unknown.

Just because you’ve never done it, don’t control it, or haven’t mastered it doesn’t mean you can’t learn and excel at it. The three practices we’ll explore here are relatively simple, though not trivial. They demand a bit of work, consistency, and persistence.

Step 1 – Self-Discovery

This is the crux, the part that many people stumble on. Yet, when done right and embraced with determination, it becomes a potent self-development tool. It calls for journaling. If you’re new to journaling, here’s a helpful video on the topic.

Your mission is to document all the fears associated with visibility online. It’s more than just one general concern. Consider all the self-doubts that surface when contemplating your online presence. Some people end up with lists spanning four or even five pages.

“Man can never rise above the opinion he has of himself.”

All those limiting beliefs ingrained by our upbringing, family, and environment shape our self-perception and our belief in our ability to take on new challenges. This practice transcends listing limiting beliefs; it’s about releasing the tension and resistance in those areas. You can employ releasing mantras from Hoʻoponopono, a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. For each limiting belief, say: “I see you, I love you, I forgive you, and I release you.” This simple practice can release most of your unhealthy beliefs.

Step 2 – Visualization

This step is more straightforward and focuses on the emotions you wish to evoke. Consider how you’d like to feel when you’re visible online and the emotions you’d like to ignite in your audience. Is it about sharing information or something deeper, like enlightenment, engagement, openness, thrill, or amazement?

You can compile a list of keywords representing these emotions. Review this list before going live or sharing your content. Embrace the energy behind each emotion, feel the feelings. This will align your energy with the emotions you want to convey.

Step 3 – Thought Transformation

This final practice consolidates the previous two. Remember, thoughts drive actions, so discard the negative ones and consciously adopt positive ones. Your ability to choose your thoughts and how you interact with your environment can reshape your entire universe.

Author: Maggie Biernacka