How To Set Prices To Grow Your Business And Your Confidence


Pricing strategy is an energetic practice and your ability to set up new prices reflects your current state of mind and your beliefs around money. You want to charge prices that bring the smile to your lips, make you proud and enhance your life instead of complicating it. In reality, one of the first conversations I have with my clients is always about charging. Unfortunately, the common practice for female entrepreneurs is to undercharge and then over-deliver. Stepping inside your truth and perceiving the true value of your services leads to many internal shifts and so the external reality must also catch-up. How much do you want to charge? Once you set aligned prices for your 1:1 and intimate group programmes, you can serve more powerfully and the whole game changes. Yes, it takes some internal work and adjustment in marketing our services, but it’s a gratifying

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Craft Your Irresistible Offers With Grace And Ease


Being serious about your business means developing it also by selling. I mean here good, old, personal sales, not an automated funnel, where it is very little or zero contact with prospective clients. I’m not against automation, but I have a strong opinion about being visible out there and being in regular with your prospects. You cannot hide behind the scenes, and you can’t avoid your future clients if your dream about successful business. I know that for the introverts, it sounds serious; for some of them, it might become a severe problem at the beginning. But no worries, sales is a skill that could be learned like any other skill you have already mastered in your life. The ugly truth is that sales is the fuel for your business. If you do not like selling and do not practice it every day, you have

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Effortless Selling Online


Stay Visible – Sell Online Effortlessly   In the digital era, it seems that majority of businesses already have some form of an online presence. And it is also very natural to have an online activity complementing your offline projects. In some industries, it is a must. And when you are 25, 30, 40 or even 45 creating an online movement for your company seems really effortless. However, for some entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, healers, and experts, especially those hitting 50 and more, putting together a reliable and long-term platform for online activities requires some effort. Moving online means learning a massive amount of new things and taking fast decisions in a short time. It turns an established and peaceful world upside down. It calls for extra energy and sometimes also additional expenses. It does not guarantee results in a short time. It is always a stretch, frequently followed with

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Selling Practices for Introverts


Is Active Selling For Introverts At All? Introverts believe that any form of open information about the product or service sounds already like hard selling. You need to reach out to people and explain what your product or service is about. You need to run the sales conversation, react to opinions, convictions, hesitations. Hence the selling process seems like a nightmare for them. “I hate selling, I am not a salesperson. I know that once I catch the client, I am really OK when sharing my stuff, but selling really sucks”. I keep hearing this kind of comments frequently.  It seems that women generally prefer to share, discuss, explain, show, recommend, exchange, or describe but not brag about their achievements or passions. Bragging is not elegant, we prefer to believe that “a good product will sell itself.” Boasting, and hard-selling sucks! We are convinced that the real trading is for

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