Five Mindset Levers To Conquer Most Business Challenges


Any challenge in your business, related to your clients, prices, team, products, services, suppliers, etc., is always the mindset issue. As a business owner, you want to keep your power and act from the place of magical, personal power, not the position of discomfort, fear, self-doubt. Think about how you can conquer most business challenges with five simple mindset levers that could be used easily every day. They create a magical transformation you desire and are scientifically proven to work. Mindset determines your success. There is a massive difference between the unstoppable mindset that will elevate you and help you make quantum shifts and closed, a negative mindset that keeps you small and stuck in the same place. Marketing and sales activities for many online entrepreneurs, especially introvert ones, feel unnatural and frankly unbearable. Some people try to force themselves to do things they do

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Calibration Into Powerful Branding


When you are a solo entrepreneur, coach, consultant, the expert then you finally have all the FREEDOM in the world to decide how you want to be seen and perceived in the world. You do not need to follow anybody’s advice and you are just free to decide what’s yours what is not. It is totally amazing state to be and you can actually milk it making sure your brand represents 100% your authentic voice and personality. Remember that brand is not a logo but really a promise of experience for your clients, followers, fans. The question remains how to approach the brand-building process with confidence so you can walk away with the personal brand that is fully aligned with you and your soul calling. Unfortunately in reality, right after the company registration women entrepreneurs just crave for any logo to put on their website and their

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Busting Visibility Blocks


The fear of looking horrible in the camera, fear of not making any sense when speaking, fear of putting your face behind the brand, fear of rejection or negative emotions - can you relate to any of those? If that’s your case - this video is for you and it will give you the three great practices to harness above mentioned self-doubts. Busing Visibility Blocks is a masterclass for women who build their online empire but feel demotivated by their fears and do not know how and if they could shut down this feeling. It is a great training material for course creators, program providers and change-makers. It will help all motivated, determined ladies ready for change and some effort that sometimes might be: messy scary chaotic turbulent Change is hard because it is always easier to stay in the old and known environment than

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Effortless Selling Online


Stay Visible – Sell Online Effortlessly   In the digital era, it seems that majority of businesses already have some form of an online presence. And it is also very natural to have an online activity complementing your offline projects. In some industries, it is a must. And when you are 25, 30, 40 or even 45 creating an online movement for your company seems really effortless. However, for some entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, healers, and experts, especially those hitting 50 and more, putting together a reliable and long-term platform for online activities requires some effort. Moving online means learning a massive amount of new things and taking fast decisions in a short time. It turns an established and peaceful world upside down. It calls for extra energy and sometimes also additional expenses. It does not guarantee results in a short time. It is always a stretch, frequently followed with

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Selling Practices for Introverts


Is Active Selling For Introverts At All? Introverts believe that any form of open information about the product or service sounds already like hard selling. You need to reach out to people and explain what your product or service is about. You need to run the sales conversation, react to opinions, convictions, hesitations. Hence the selling process seems like a nightmare for them. “I hate selling, I am not a salesperson. I know that once I catch the client, I am really OK when sharing my stuff, but selling really sucks”. I keep hearing this kind of comments frequently.  It seems that women generally prefer to share, discuss, explain, show, recommend, exchange, or describe but not brag about their achievements or passions. Bragging is not elegant, we prefer to believe that “a good product will sell itself.” Boasting, and hard-selling sucks! We are convinced that the real trading is for

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3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Website Performance


3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Website Performance Many business entrepreneurs have this nagging feeling that their website is not working. They cannot say precisely what is not working and what is the evidence of that, but the frustration is there. Especially with different experts giving mixed and sometimes mutually excluding recommendations. In fact, web performance can be a highly complicated or extremely straightforward process if you understand it and follow a simple routine. I will walk you through the major web areas that have a direct impact on business and your client acquisition. What really counts in this game is the correlation of your web efforts with your sales. With time you need to learn how to observe, measure and maximize this relationship to make informed decisions to improve your future sales results. For now, I would like to concentrate on the vital elements of your web that when

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Why Is It Important To Understand Your Clients’ Values?


Why Is It Important To Understand Your Clients’ Values? As we run business sometimes we lose the genuine perspective of our clients, we tend to forget what really matters to them, what is the true nature of the problems they try to solve with our products or services. One of the fastest and most effective ways of getting back on track is simply observe and listen to the clients. This process has two parts – part one is an interview and part two is an observation. For the first part you need to interview 3 clients of your own business, 3 clients of your direct competition and 3 people who are not using the service at all and. To make this process efficient and the results comparable as well and highly usable for you later, your interview needs to be structured. Keep the interview topics and questions same for all

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Benefits Of Using CRM Even In Small Business


Benefits Of Using CRM Even In Small Business There is a common belief that CRM systems can effectively support big companies with a large number of clients. Small and micro companies usually cannot afford them. We are all living in a world where small, 1-2-3 people companies become the core of the service categories around.  These are copy writers, coaches, hair dressers, dieticians, beauty doctors but also a consulting officer, financial advisors, and architects.  They all assist tens, sometimes fifty but usually not more than one hundred customers. Every client is known by heart, frequently contacted and remains in good relations - in most cases. Such a number of customers one can manage manually using regular calendar or notepad. Many service people still use these thick, full of little lose pieces of paper books. The thicker the better! They contain not only contact information but usually particular customer preferences (like

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When Is It Important To Have Call To Action?


When Is It Important To Have Call To Action? The other day a friend of mine - business coach and facilitator called me for consultation. She sounded really concerned and she wanted to discuss this Call to Action thing that someone brought to her. I have to admit that she listens to her audience very carefully and tries to respond to the needs presented. She is also in the process of revamping her website so she is particularly cautious for comments related to the user experience (UX). Somebody in her audience mentioned “There is no call to action under your photo on the website where you invite people to your blog. You need to have it, absolutely”. Instinctively she was sure she needs it, yet a little voice in her head called for consultation and check-up.   And you know what? I have looked at this particular place on her website,

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Lazy Way Of Designing Your Client Avatar


Lazy Way Of Designing Your Client Avatar Boosting more traffic, increasing conversion rates and driving social engagement might be easier than you think. More and more frequently business owners share their frustration about some of their company clients behavior. Part of them seem not fully follow the product benefits, others expect something totally different than the offer suggested. It results in elevated frustration levels on both sides. How come these people turned into customers is a mystery for everyone. The deeper discussion informs about lack of any process for an ideal customer or client avatar description. Having the right client avatar will have a strong impact on your business. Designed well it will result immediately into the power of your content marketing, paid traffic campaigns, e-mailing, social media engagement and many more areas and Lazy way of Designing your Client Avatar. Client is a king Knowing your customer is a

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