When you are a solo entrepreneur, coach, consultant, the expert then you finally have all the FREEDOM in the world to decide how you want to be seen and perceived in the world. You do not need to follow anybody’s advice and you are just free to decide what’s yours what is not. It is totally amazing state to be and you can actually milk it making sure your brand represents 100% your authentic voice and personality.

Remember that brand is not a logo but really a promise of experience for your clients, followers, fans. The question remains how to approach the brand-building process with confidence so you can walk away with the personal brand that is fully aligned with you and your soul calling.

Unfortunately in reality, right after the company registration women entrepreneurs just crave for any logo to put on their website and their business cards to show them proudly to friends and family. Brand creation process should be very deliberate practice, so you are not at the mercy of your graphic designer. Brand building is a process that could be dull and stressful when you do not know what to expect and accept anything which seems OK for you,


It could be a fun, energetic, easy and very engaging process where you know precisely what you want to develop and consciously step on the path of the creation.

As human beings, we are developing and changing all the time. Our brands grow and transform with us. It may happen that your first attempt might require a very fast upgrade and intervention. Don’t be harsh on yourself, that is OK. Rome was not built overnight either. It is important to have a solid foundation. Once the fundaments are strong the whole construction will survive any apocalypse.

Remember that you are talking to people, corporate voice is death. People want to talk to other people, not corporations or companies. Your own voice is authentic and very attractive to your audience. This is what authentically tells the story and adds to your brand promise.

When we think about business expansion I like to work with my clients using the personality archetypes. They are intuitively understood and they make the process light and easy although not trivial. They allow you to discover your brand soul and create an intimate connection between you, your brand and your clients. If you would like to discover your unique brilliance and transfer it on to your brand then ask for amazing exploration chat https://calendly.com/maggieshub/amazing-exploration-chat