Stay Visible – Sell Online Effortlessly  

In the digital era, it seems that majority of businesses already have some form of an online presence. And it is also very natural to have an online activity complementing your offline projects. In some industries, it is a must. And when you are 25, 30, 40 or even 45 creating an online movement for your company seems really effortless. However, for some entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, healers, and experts, especially those hitting 50 and more, putting together a reliable and long-term platform for online activities requires some effort. Moving online means learning a massive amount of new things and taking fast decisions in a short time. It turns an established and peaceful world upside down. It calls for extra energy and sometimes also additional expenses. It does not guarantee results in a short time. It is always a stretch, frequently followed with stress and frustration. That is why so many 50+ business owners seem not convinced to take this bold move and they try to delay the final decision to go online.

On the other hand, when you really think about your business expansion, it seems hardly possible to grow not going online. Not in the long run. You can perhaps delay your online launch by 2-3 years, but probably – not longer. You need a plan and the ideas on what to do and how to prepare yourself and your business for this move.

There are some essentials to keep in mind when developing your online strategy. One of the first thing that makes a massive difference between successful online companies and the ones that just create costs is VISIBILITY.

When approached and executed correctly only this one can do wonders for your business. It has a direct impact on you, your brand and the perception of your services online. With accurate visibility you can position yourself as an expert and become a person to go in particular topics in a relatively short time. This results in the effortless attraction of your 5-star clients who would have further no problem in paying you for your expert knowledge to be shared.

As one of the most popular buzz words lately visibility stands for the ease you can be found online. It covers also the demonstration of your personality and your working style.  People communicate in the majority on the nonverbal level, and their purchase decisions are determined vastly by emotions. Visibility is a perfect lever to present your personality, emotions, set of values, and allow your future clients to tune to it or reject it. Not everyone needs to like you or approve your work. But the ones who do are your future clients. The whole concept of social media is based on this idea. You can use a full spectrum of tools offering the visual aids in this mission. Any medium that helps visually to present who you are can help here: blog posts, books, e-books, photos, and videos. Even podcasts can help, although they will show only your voice. Still, for some it could be a real value.

In the long run, it is good to have a portfolio of media presenting you and your work. However, it is best to do it step by step and master one channel or medium after another. Otherwise, you would feel totally overwhelmed and lost. You can start with photos of yourself and your employees in business and special situations (not too private, though), it may be an interview (podcast) with you explaining what you do and what you focus on. The best results recently are gained with video materials, preferably even live shots. Visibility does not limit itself to own, branded materials. It calls also for being active with an expert opinion offered through different social media channels and groups. It is an opportunity to get in touch directly with your future clients if you choose your media scene correctly.

How do you decide what to focus on?

Whatever material you decide to publish, think about its value for your future clients. They would be interested in tips and tricks and how things are done, explanations and instructions, DIYs and client case studies, backstage stories, and success features. The simplest way is to ask your clients or future clients what would help them in solving their frustrations. You know their pain points and are familiar with their problems they cannot solve alone. Once you have your idea established – stick to it and stay consistent for at least 6 months to one year. Later you can revisit with your audience if the topics and the scope of your materials require further optimization. It is of the most significant value to respond directly to your tribe requests and adjust the content to their needs. In the end, you do everything for them, and your mission is to serve them! Such an attitude will have a direct impact on your confidence on the one hand and your business profitability on the other.

What does it mean that you are visible enough?

This is one of the million-dollar questions. Many people try to stay active on paid traffic channels and on social media and, but they claim not to see the expected results. Simply put, things are not moving for them. The rule of the thumb here would be monitoring the results, and once of you see people start reacting to your content optimizing it for the highly relevant topics and for the audience. You may sometimes observe comments from not relevant people or off-topic comments. That would call for specific actions towards target audience fine-tuning. Your content may attract not precisely your target audience. The happy moment would come when engaged public seems to be highly involved in your content. The last step to be made would be offering them your service or product in a non-salesy or pushy way.

The visibility makes is so much easier. Staying visible for your public, ideally through live streaming or recorded videos enables you to keep in touch and gently attach call to action elements that only invite people to buy from you.

How long does it take to become visible?

It could happen really within weeks provided you have done your homework, you know precisely your target audience and their pain points, i.e. the unsolved problems that keep them up at night. If that is the area you know really well and know how to speak to your future clients about it – there is usually 6-8 weeks before you can start selling. Actually it may happen that your audience will ask for your offer and stay open for it ready to pay for your expertise and your style.

Ready to take the action?

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