Who is Maggie?


Who is Maggie? Many people ask this question recently. Who is Maggie? Why Maggie, why not use the real, official name? Well, my name is Malgorzata Iwona Biernacka-Szalewicz. Try to pronounce that!  It is impossible for most people and really, really hard for many. I have decided to use an international version of Malgorzata i.e. Margaret and become just Maggie - like  Cher or Beyoncé. How cool is that? Malgorzata (Maggie) Biernacka is Business Strategist and Effortless Transformation Coach. Her mission is to empower women to expand their offline, established businesses into an online world bringing more impact while keeping their integrity and genuine personality. Polish by birth, she is truly an international soul. I was born as a red-haired, joyful and brave optimist, a little girl who knew she could do anything in the world. I hold a tiger in my arms when I was 4 and I knew