Who is Maggie?

Many people ask this question recently. Who is Maggie? Why Maggie, why not use the real, official name? Well, my name is Malgorzata Iwona Biernacka-Szalewicz. Try to pronounce that!  It is impossible for most people and really, really hard for many. I have decided to use an international version of Malgorzata i.e. Margaret and become just Maggie – sweet and short alias like  Cher or Beyoncé. How cool is that?

Malgorzata (Maggie) Biernacka is  Fearless Marketing Coach, Business Strategist and best selling author. Her mission is to empower women to expand, step into their power and grow their business  bringing more impact while keeping their integrity and genuine personality. Polish by birth, she is truly an international soul.

I was born as a red-haired, joyful and brave optimist, a little girl who knew she could do anything in the world. I hold a tiger in my arms when I was 4 and I knew that my future is bright. I was sure I will be living in the forest with Indians and their thoughtful animals. Somehow I ended up in advertising and corporate marketing.  For over 25 years I was getting my expertise in the field of marketing, sales, communication, management and business development. My LinkedIn profile will tell you the details of that journey.

If you look at my career there are three clear and distinctive parts. First 10 years I have spent in multinational advertising agencies like Young & Rubicam or DDB servicing large multinational accounts like Coca-Cola, Unilever, ING, Johnson&Johnson. I was learning there how to develop single communication pieces that build strong media campaigns.             I started to manage small teams that with time became bigger teams and eventually they turned into a full advertising agency. It was a very stimulating and gratifying job, I loved working with clients and see them blooming. After some time I have realized that advertising processes are cool but what drives me more is the strategy around.

I wanted to have an impact, so the next 10 years were devoted to international marketing and corporate communication when I  became the European Marketing Director responsible for 16 markets in Europe and Israel. That was a great time in many ways and in many dimensions. I have spent a lot of time in Switzerland (where the headquarter was located) and on the planes, on my way from one market to another! That was a time when I have started to build lead generation systems and relevant measurement environment. Remodelling of the sales and marketing strategies to get first-ranked consumer and business campaigns converted into positive P&L impact in many markets. I knew how to build the communication that sells and attracts the right clients, but after years I wanted to spend more time with my family, my parents were getting older and I knew that we do not have a lot of years together left.

So after some 20 years in advertising and marketing, I chose to set up a small, local consulting business to start helping entrepreneurs running successful campaigns and attracting the right clients. I knew I had to start from scratch again in my life, I expected my revenues will be smaller at the beginning but  I was hoping for more quality time with family and friends. The first year was really tough – I was starting from now-where, got zero clients, did not have any mailing list and did not know how to set up a Facebook account. There was no agency or any managers around to do it for me. All of a sudden I had to do everything myself and you know what? I did not die. Sure, I had bad days and I have been in dark places but with time I have learned all the necessary stuff with optimism and a positive attitude.

Quite quickly I could share my knowledge and practice with my clients and also my colleagues. I have become a business strategy coach developing the sales and marketing strategies that work and produce tangible results in three key areas that are important for any kind of business  – new clients, higher revenue per client and longer life of a client. My clients were receiving from me not only a strategy but also an execution plan containing a guarantee of results.  They were often astonished by my attitude but they were ready to pay extra for extra results.  It was clear and fair for both parties. It was not standard then and it is not a standard now. Business consultants and coaches are known for great consulting skills but they are not ready to put their trust and support into their clients and risk their money.

With time my clients started to multiply locally and my international contacts required my help at some point. Soon I needed a bigger office and more people on board. I have also become an Expert with the European Commission, where I help business owners to refine their business innovations and develop business plans that easily acquire investors. It produces one-on-one consulting projects where I can share my approach and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. My dream and my mission are now to give support to the higher number of business owners to make sure they succeed and they secure their peace of mind in their own style – slowly, with no rush,  but with discipline, with a serious mindset, great supporting tools and designed especially framework. That is why I decided to create a community under Maggie’s Hub for like-minded entrepreneurs as a place of exchange and support.

And what’s with the dog? Well, I got a new hobby once I settled after years of business travelling! I have now two hunting dogs that sometimes are more challenging than the most difficult client. I love spending time with them, training them into great companions, walking into the forests and fields and just being together. That is very soothing.