How Can I Build A Bulletproof Brand?


A brand is not a logo or a company name. Nowadays, you can brand a service, a person, or even a concept the same way you brand products or companies. Brand owners do that to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate from other similar products, services, or ideas. In my opinion, a bulletproof brand is an extraordinary brand that can survive any apocalypse. It can thrive and grow in any times. People respond to brands; they feel attracted to their energy and appeal precisely the same way they react to other people's vibration. That is why it is smart to equip your brand with specific attributes so that your brand has a voice and personality. The identity of your brand (name, color schemes, and logo) needs to match your personality and your point of view blueprint. Why is that? Because the bulletproof brand starts in your mind. And when

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Technology Drives Me Crazy


Moving an offline business into online activities means acquiring a lot of new qualities and even more technical support that you would need on the go. For many women entrepreneurs, it feels like learning a foreign language, actually several of them at once. If you take into consideration all the landing pages, payment integrations, social media, virtual calendars, tools for video conferencing, and for making courses, it is already a lot. But you sill need website creation, podcasts, applications for graphic design, campaign efficiency measurements, marketing automation systems, and many, many more. Even pure knowledge about what precisely you need could be overwhelming. Additionally, each of these tech elements creates a separate universe that requires not only initial understanding but also the substantial portion of usability know-how followed by the ability to maximize its impact on your business.  Every one of these technical tools can put your business into the

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Selling Practices for Introverts


Is Active Selling For Introverts At All? Introverts believe that any form of open information about the product or service sounds already like hard selling. You need to reach out to people and explain what your product or service is about. You need to run the sales conversation, react to opinions, convictions, hesitations. Hence the selling process seems like a nightmare for them. “I hate selling, I am not a salesperson. I know that once I catch the client, I am really OK when sharing my stuff, but selling really sucks”. I keep hearing this kind of comments frequently.  It seems that women generally prefer to share, discuss, explain, show, recommend, exchange, or describe but not brag about their achievements or passions. Bragging is not elegant, we prefer to believe that “a good product will sell itself.” Boasting, and hard-selling sucks! We are convinced that the real trading is for

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Selecting Web Domain Is A Creative Process


Selecting Web Domain Is A Creative Process In the beginning, everybody struggles with the meaning, importance, and relevance and of a web domain. People mix domain with web address and URL. Let me put things in order really quickly for you. Maggie’s Hub has a web domain – maggieshub, its web address is and its URL is See, easy peasy :). I would like to make your first step ACTIONABLE AND PRACTICAL for you, so let me share 3 huge mistakes people usually do when selecting their web domain. A substantial amount of money may stay in your pocket should you decide to avoid making them. Mistake # 1 – Do Not Rush The Creative Process A decision on the name and type of the domain to be adapted for your business should be one of your first decisions when going online. It should not be rushed for

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Cracking The Competition Code


Cracking The Competition Code A small guide on how business owners can learn from competition, where they should look for the intel and which tools are the best One of my duties as an expert at the European Commission is the evaluation of the business plans various companies provide when looking for an investor or applying for funding. Most frequently those entrepreneurs ask  EC (European Commission) for sums between one to five million Euros. Quite a substantial budget. What worries me is the level of awareness and knowledge about competitors presented by applicants and honestly sometimes presented by my clients, too. It is really rare for breathing, living company, already active on the market for several years, to provide a broad and solid competitive overview with business relevant conclusions. Some managers and business owners have a tendency to underestimate the value and the power of a competitive analysis done properly.

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