Four Practices To Upgrade Your Financial Reality


Law of Attraction becomes really popular these days which makes more and more people wanting to practice it daily and benefit from its blessing. Unfortunately, a lot of people start their work around manifestation from the place of dissatisfaction of WHAT IS.  On top of that, they express doubts about what is possible for them not giving themselves permission to receive more than ever. These two approaches become  #1 mistake leading to a huge misconception and misinterpretation at the very start of the process. Acting from the place of lack and dissatisfaction of the current situation sends out the wrong signal and lowers your vibration immensly. In this episode, #maggiebiernacka shares four practices that can help hugely to change the financial capacity and financial reality in your environment. Practice 1 - Brain dump or decluttering It's a simple but not trivial exercise that requires a listing of all

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Craft Your Irresistible Offers With Grace And Ease


Being serious about your business means developing it also by selling. I mean here good, old, personal sales, not an automated funnel, where it is very little or zero contact with prospective clients. I’m not against automation, but I have a strong opinion about being visible out there and being in regular with your prospects. You cannot hide behind the scenes, and you can’t avoid your future clients if your dream about successful business. I know that for the introverts, it sounds serious; for some of them, it might become a severe problem at the beginning. But no worries, sales is a skill that could be learned like any other skill you have already mastered in your life. The ugly truth is that sales is the fuel for your business. If you do not like selling and do not practice it every day, you have

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Busting Visibility Blocks


The fear of looking horrible in the camera, fear of not making any sense when speaking, fear of putting your face behind the brand, fear of rejection or negative emotions - can you relate to any of those? If that’s your case - this video is for you and it will give you the three great practices to harness above mentioned self-doubts. Busing Visibility Blocks is a masterclass for women who build their online empire but feel demotivated by their fears and do not know how and if they could shut down this feeling. It is a great training material for course creators, program providers and change-makers. It will help all motivated, determined ladies ready for change and some effort that sometimes might be: messy scary chaotic turbulent Change is hard because it is always easier to stay in the old and known environment than

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