Have you ever been thinking about what might happen, what might be possible for you if you earn 2-3-4-5 times more money than today?

We are going to talk today about how you can challenge yourself to increase your monthly revenues beyond what you think is possible for you. I’m going to share with you three easy to follow keys to unlock your new income, triple it and make it your new normal.

I say NO to powerless self-doubts and resentful unconfidence.

They are easy-to-follow practices that helped me massively put myself on the fearless growth trajectory towards six figures and multiple six figures quickly. There is no magic pill you need to swallow and say a spell. But there is some work to be done by you. Not a complicated one and one that gives impressive results in a short time. The only thing that needs to happen is you need to face your paradigm regarding money and how you earn cash.

You need to challenge yourself to see how much more you’re capable of than you give yourself credit for.

You need to expand your capacity to create, receive and keep the money. It is a reflection and journaling type of work that happens on an individual level. I’m going to share three keys that will help you make this massive upgrade.

KEY #1 – What needs to shift, what new paradigm you need to create?

  1. Your way of thinking for instance: making money from your passion is hard
  2. What ideas about myself or my environment I need to drop?
  3. What ideas about myself I need to adopt?
  4. Your pricing? Offering?
  5. What values have a priority for me currently, and which come forward when I make more money?

KEY #2 – What are you resisting? LIST OF RESISTANCE

  1. Having paying clients?
  2. Becoming more visible online and putting yourself out there?
  3. Your target audience, people you talk to in your marketing message
  4. Hiring/exchanging team members
  5. Active selling? Reaching out to potential clients
  6. Starting a new way of making business (shift from 1-2-1 into groups, shift from small groups into big more high-end groups
  7. Beliefs and convictions about money, i.e. Making money from your passion, is hard


You know which one is the one!

The toughest challenge and the strongest resistance around it are usually the most significant catalyst for your growth. It becomes a source of your creativity once noticed and acknowledged.

Flip it, reframe it, release it

Use the RARE model or any other that will help you to remodel your resistance and get onto the other side.

  1. Make a list of all the negative aspects, all the complaints, beliefs
  2. List all the things you know you shouldn’t be doing, but you do them
  3. And make a list of things you absolutely should be doing, and yet you don’t!
  4. Reflect on it, journal your way out and prepare the positive statement.
  5. Commit to the new practices, activities, thoughts, way of seeing things and start practising them every day.



When you regularly adopt these three mindset keys to your financial reality, your capacity to create and receive money increases big time. Some people double their business, the others increase it ten times! But definitely, one of the game changers is the new way of thinking. You start thinking that your financial success does not require hard work or long hours. The paradigm shifts, and you start living and breathing the new reality. All of a sudden, things that were limiting you in the past – become your new normal.

One of the strategies that can bring you faster to the new normal is creating and implementing your proprietary signature system. It’s your unique way of working with your clients. One can say it’s your unstoppable formula that, once put into the Signature System framework:

  • makes your expertise highly marketable
  • helps your ideal clients to understand how you work and want to hire you
  • has the potential to transform your business radically
  • spring boarding one idea into multiple new offers
  • shows your ideal client that you have figured everything out for your ideal client

So if your dream is to elevate your business and start impacting larger groups of clients, sharing your wisdom in a simple, elegant and graceful piece – I invite you to the unique experience of co-creating your Signature System.

I’m going to guide you through the framework of discovering your proprietary system, your flagship offer. And I will hold your hand throughout the whole process.

So at the end of the program, you have your life-changing flagship offer, all your unforgettable marketing bullet points, and you are crystal clear on how you would love to market it to your ideal clients.

The result is a new level of ideal clients, higher impact and prices that bring a smile to your lips.

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