Law of Attraction becomes really popular these days which makes more and more people wanting to practice it daily and benefit from its blessing. Unfortunately, a lot of people start their work around manifestation from the place of dissatisfaction of WHAT IS.  On top of that, they express doubts about what is possible for them not giving themselves permission to receive more than ever. These two approaches become  #1 mistake leading to a huge misconception and misinterpretation at the very start of the process.

Acting from the place of lack and dissatisfaction of the current situation sends out the wrong signal and lowers your vibration immensly.

In this episode, #maggiebiernacka shares four practices that can help hugely to change the financial capacity and financial reality in your environment.

Practice 1 – Brain dump or decluttering

It’s a simple but not trivial exercise that requires a listing of all beliefs and opinions one has in the area of money and people having money. Sometimes the list could be as long as five pages (back and forth!). The longer it is the better. Those familiar with a journaling technique can just grab a pen and paper and start working.  People who need more guidance in this area can watch my video introducing journaling as a powerful tool of connection with your subconscious mind. The list of beliefs and opinions should be followed by another one containing all the situations from your life that made you feel uncomfortable or mistreated around money. It could be the uncle who kept “borrowing” money from you when you were a child and never give back, or situation from your work when you needed to step up for your salary increase but unfortunately, nobody was listening to you. Perhaps you were robbed or cheated? List all your negative experiences on this second list. List making will allow you to see and acknowledge all of it and it will help you observe and understand some patterns of your behaviour.

In the second stage to this practice, you will be releasing all negative experiences, opinions and beliefs that don’t serve you any more and do not help your financial capacity increase. You should be able to let go of the majority of your negative beliefs. There will be just a few requiring further work. Those should be discussed with your coach or Jedi master. If you do not have one and feel like releasing what does not serve you, let’s chat and make you fearless and unstoppable! 

Practice 2 – Increasing the financial capacity

Once the clearing is done, it is time to confront your desires around money. It is not enough to admit you want more. The secret with financial dreams is to be very, very specific and dream big i.e. get ambitious. Specificity means details about the numbers you desire to see (and keep) on your bank account. For many people, an experience of being very detailed of how much money they would love to receive is not an easy practice. All of a sudden they confront themselves with the opinions and just another group of beliefs related to what is possible and how much they allow themselves to receive.

Relatively easy way to establish your personal level of financial capacity is drawing a line on a piece of paper with numbers starting with your current annual revenues and finishing on 1M $ or 5M$ if you are comfortable with 1M$ already. You will find your sweet spot that allows you to be ambitious about your dreams and dream really big. For some people it is 30% above their current revenues or salary, for some, it’s around 1M$ or more. This number will become your financial goal. But remember, money needs a home.

Money needs a home, so be very specific and detailed about how you want to distribute your new revenues. Check the prices for your new experiences, things and belongings.

Practice 3 – A gratitude list

One of the top practices that increase the vibrational alignment with your financial reality to come is gratitude. It should become your daily practice to create in your mind the list of things, experiences and people that happened that day in your life. The more you notice the better. To start with you can begin with ten things every evening, but this list should be ever-growing. It is the daily practice that completely changes the perspective and allows to see more little, positive changes in life and in the environment.

Practice 4 –  Expand your ability to receive

Growing your financial reality and expanding the monetary containers have an implication in the necessity to expand the ability to receive. This practice happens to be especially challenging for women, mostly those who were brought into strong, non-crying, self-depending woman archetype. Such women have difficulty in accepting help from others, even members of their own family. Also, they frequently are perfectionist trusting they are only ones, capable of doing things in a specific, required way. The work requires balancing already distorted feminine power and acknowledging support and help from many different directions. Ability to receive means many things but it covers also an accomplishment of receiving the compliments or allowing someone to pay for you in the restaurant.

Maggie also shares three more tips for those who becoming impatient and expecting the results here and now.

Tip 1 – Remember about a divine timing

Tip 2 – Once more – be specific

Tip 3 – Claim it, it’s yours

Calibration to the new financial capacity done with confidence, fearlessness becomes very attractive energy. Should you want to upgrade your own financial level, attract best-for-you clients, let’s talk and see how we can create it!