A brand is not a logo or a company name. Nowadays, you can brand a service, a person, or even a concept the same way you brand products or companies. Brand owners do that to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate from other similar products, services, or ideas.

In my opinion, a bulletproof brand is an extraordinary brand that can survive any apocalypse.

It can thrive and grow in any times. People respond to brands; they feel attracted to their energy and appeal precisely the same way they react to other people’s vibration. That is why it is smart to equip your brand with specific attributes so that your brand has a voice and personality. The identity of your brand (name, color schemes, and logo) needs to match your personality and your point of view blueprint. Why is that? Because the bulletproof brand starts in your mind. And when it is sturdy and positive, it reflects onto your brand.

The bulletproof brand ensures the best possible experience for the client or the prospect when interacting with a brand, and with a company. This interaction process is sometimes called customer touchpoints. The bulletproof brand ensures flawless customer touchpoints and the highest possible service level. Even when you are a small business, you can always create a wow effect for your clients to surprise and delight them.

Just like humans, brands have their voices and the way they speak to their customers. This specific way allows customers to recognize the brand and differentiate it from the others, fall in love, and stay in a very, very long relationship. The bulletproof brand starts in your mind. When you are a service provider, a coach, consultant, an expert providing your services yourself, your brand needs to match your personality and your energetic personal blueprint.

People respond to your energy pole, so they would love to stay around you and your brand. It is essential to keep your brand representation aligned with who you are and what you fight for. Your brand voice and visual elements need to stick precisely to your identity so that your brand comes across as authentic and in line with you as possible. Your future clients, the ideal clients, will respond to this. Your bulletproof brand will resonate with their vision of powerful growth and the amazing support you grant with your services.