Critical Elements Of Smart Approach In SEO Strategy


Critical Elements Of Smart Approach In SEO Strategy For many solo entrepreneurs SEO/site optimization/site positioning or any other expression related to the fact that your website is visible and highly ranked by a search engine (i.e. Google) seems like a burden, an additional stress they prefer to avoid as the subject itself seems complicated, time-consuming with hard to predict results.  The language used by SEO providers does not help it either creating additional distance. In fact, SEO topics are not trivial ones and my intention is not to diminish their complexity or the professionalism of SEO specialists. However, as an online business practitioner, I am fully aware of how much time and energy can solo entrepreneur devote for a topic like that and for how long you can capture a business owner’s attention. So my goal is to share with you guys some smart tactics on managing complicated SEO topics,

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Cracking The Competition Code


Cracking The Competition Code A small guide on how business owners can learn from competition, where they should look for the intel and which tools are the best One of my duties as an expert at the European Commission is the evaluation of the business plans various companies provide when looking for an investor or applying for funding. Most frequently those entrepreneurs ask  EC (European Commission) for sums between one to five million Euros. Quite a substantial budget. What worries me is the level of awareness and knowledge about competitors presented by applicants and honestly sometimes presented by my clients, too. It is really rare for breathing, living company, already active on the market for several years, to provide a broad and solid competitive overview with business relevant conclusions. Some managers and business owners have a tendency to underestimate the value and the power of a competitive analysis done properly.

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Is Paying for SEO Worth the Effort?


Is Paying for SEO Worth the Effort? Laser sharp communication with your SEO Agency could be really demanding, with their sophisticated expressions, hidden formulas, and troublesome details. The SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) area is perceived remarkably distant and perplexing by many business owners who prefer to “give it to someone who will do the SEO magic” instead of diving into the subject themselves. My goal is to support you in making intelligent decisions for your business thanks to good practices and smart tools shared.  I’m sure you do not plan to become an SEO expert yourself that is why I’d like to show you how you can navigate through the difficult  SEO topics and not lose your company benefit for one moment.  In a series of articles, I will concentrate on the key elements that have a direct impact on your business results and your own satisfaction during the process.

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Benefits Of Using CRM Even In Small Business


Benefits Of Using CRM Even In Small Business There is a common belief that CRM systems can effectively support big companies with a large number of clients. Small and micro companies usually cannot afford them. We are all living in a world where small, 1-2-3 people companies become the core of the service categories around.  These are copy writers, coaches, hair dressers, dieticians, beauty doctors but also a consulting officer, financial advisors, and architects.  They all assist tens, sometimes fifty but usually not more than one hundred customers. Every client is known by heart, frequently contacted and remains in good relations - in most cases. Such a number of customers one can manage manually using regular calendar or notepad. Many service people still use these thick, full of little lose pieces of paper books. The thicker the better! They contain not only contact information but usually particular customer preferences (like

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When Is It Important To Have Call To Action?


When Is It Important To Have Call To Action? The other day a friend of mine - business coach and facilitator called me for consultation. She sounded really concerned and she wanted to discuss this Call to Action thing that someone brought to her. I have to admit that she listens to her audience very carefully and tries to respond to the needs presented. She is also in the process of revamping her website so she is particularly cautious for comments related to the user experience (UX). Somebody in her audience mentioned “There is no call to action under your photo on the website where you invite people to your blog. You need to have it, absolutely”. Instinctively she was sure she needs it, yet a little voice in her head called for consultation and check-up.   And you know what? I have looked at this particular place on her website,

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Trouble With Setting Up Your Priorities?


Trouble With Setting Up Your Priorities? Prioritizing and making decision where to start A decision where to start, which task should get the priority over millions of little jobs is always the tricky thing. For some people, the process of MAKING A DECISION is a real nightmare. They feel totally overwhelmed with plenty of stuff that needs to be done right now. Usually, they cannot figure out where to start. What is their way? Either they listen to the various voices in their head and follow the one which seems to be the loudest. Or they ask people around for advice and become a pain in the ass for their colleagues, friends, and family. Sometimes they flip a coin or look for the signs around them to proof their choice. As human beings, we have a tendency to react to urgent things, not necessarily to the most important ones at

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Essential Guide For Priorities Setting Up


Essential Guide For Priorities Setting Up Some days are easy, quite relaxed and smooth. Everything goes as it should and you know perfectly step by step what to do next. Unfortunately, these are mostly weekends or holidays, when it matters less if you do everything you have planned or leave some of the things on your list for the next free time.

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Lazy Way Of Designing Your Client Avatar


Lazy Way Of Designing Your Client Avatar Boosting more traffic, increasing conversion rates and driving social engagement might be easier than you think. More and more frequently business owners share their frustration about some of their company clients behavior. Part of them seem not fully follow the product benefits, others expect something totally different than the offer suggested. It results in elevated frustration levels on both sides. How come these people turned into customers is a mystery for everyone. The deeper discussion informs about lack of any process for an ideal customer or client avatar description. Having the right client avatar will have a strong impact on your business. Designed well it will result immediately into the power of your content marketing, paid traffic campaigns, e-mailing, social media engagement and many more areas and Lazy way of Designing your Client Avatar. Client is a king Knowing your customer is a

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