Is Paying for SEO Worth the Effort?

Laser sharp communication with your SEO Agency could be really demanding, with their sophisticated expressions, hidden formulas, and troublesome details.

The SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) area is perceived remarkably distant and perplexing by many business owners who prefer to “give it to someone who will do the SEO magic” instead of diving into the subject themselves. My goal is to support you in making intelligent decisions for your business thanks to good practices and smart tools shared.  I’m sure you do not plan to become an SEO expert yourself that is why I’d like to show you how you can navigate through the difficult  SEO topics and not lose your company benefit for one moment.  In a series of articles, I will concentrate on the key elements that have a direct impact on your business results and your own satisfaction during the process. The key topics to be covered address some questions that may be flipping through your mind, too.

  1. Is paying for SEO worth it?
  2. What are the critical elements of SEO strategy ?
  3. What you need to share with your SEO provider before any work begins?
  4. How to work with SEO provider to get maximum effects?


Is paying for SEO worth it?

Many business owners ask this question quite frequently. My friends running different type of business request simple yes/no answer and to be honest they do not really appreciate a long explanation, at first. My answer is always super short and straightforward. “Well,  it depends!”.  And it does! It really depends on your goals, strategic directions, the maturity of your company and your time frame. It depends on your strategy in a sense.  Good SEO requires effort, time and expertise. It also requires partners who understand what you are trying to achieve in your business and who are happy to follow your dream. Even if you run a small consulting business, which essentially is one-man show, you need to know precisely – what are your business priorities. What are the next steps you plan to take? Are you at the beginning of your company development and you need quickly step in to leave your footprint on the market, build your expertise against the fierce competition? Or maybe your business is already established on the market and you want to increase your sales quickly? Maybe you introduce a new product line or new service approach and you want to share it quickly with a public? Maybe you have just launched a new website and you need to double check if it works properly in a way it supports rather than harms your business? See? You need really to stop for one moment and think where you are and what is essential for your business. You have to be crystal clear about it BEFORE you start talking to any SEO partner or consultant so that you are not misdirected by their view on your business.

Another layer that adds to the complexity of this decision is a time factor.  How much time are you willing to invest to see the outcome? In SEO activities most of the areas require time, lots of it, calculated in long months. There are few subjects however that could be done really quickly and you see the results almost immediately or the next day. It would be smart to concentrate on them at first to make a mile step with a big impact. These are mostly technical optimization activities that can take 1-3 weeks maximum. I explain that in detail in my other article “Critical Elements of Smart Approach In SEO Strategy”


Any investment behind SEO makes sense as long it does have a direct impact on your business or your company perception. You should include in your SEO strategy short-term solutions (producing results immediately or within days) and long-term solutions (bringing the expected results in the long run, after several months, sometime a year).