Moving an offline business into online activities means acquiring a lot of new qualities and even more technical support that you would need on the go. For many women entrepreneurs, it feels like learning a foreign language, actually several of them at once.

If you take into consideration all the landing pages, payment integrations, social media, virtual calendars, tools for video conferencing, and for making courses, it is already a lot. But you sill need website creation, podcasts, applications for graphic design, campaign efficiency measurements, marketing automation systems, and many, many more. Even pure knowledge about what precisely you need could be overwhelming.

Additionally, each of these tech elements creates a separate universe that requires not only initial understanding but also the substantial portion of usability know-how followed by the ability to maximize its impact on your business.  Every one of these technical tools can put your business into the grave or onto the growth springboard when used with virtuosity.

It is one of the reasons female entrepreneurs do not want even to put their hands on the tech stuff. It drives them mad, frustrates, and seems very, very complicated. Therefore for many women, personal use of the technology feels like humongous responsibility. They prefer to hire out a specialist to do the ugly job for them. And that is the trap.

When you are intimidated with technology, scared, and anticipate that something will not be working, guess what? It will not be working. Full stop. I am not a techy myself, but I like to understand how things work. It helps me to plan my actions within the specific tool when I know what is possible, what is not. Equipped with that knowledge, I can make informed decisions when I choose to use external support. I feel that I am in charge, and this is me who manages the situation on the strategic level. Not vice versa when the situation or the supplier manages me and my dreams.

That is why, before deciding to leave some part of my business in the hands of specialists, I look inside and see if I can do it myself. I search for super-easy solutions that could be implemented by “a normal person,” not a computer geek. And I have to admit that 95% of my systems creating my toolbox are performed by myself. Sometimes, I still need help with the integration of some external systems. Fortunately, I am blessed with my husband and son talented in this area.

I have to admit that the selection of a specific solution is a very individual process. Some apps recommended as super easy were not easy for me, and I needed to swap them into something else. But nowadays, I have a pretty large and advanced toolbox that I use frequently and can share broad user experience. I plan on the separate training covering the toolkit you need to move online and have a smooth start.

I believe strongly that our business approach towards tech stuff should be the same as managing our finance. Either you have a good understanding and grip, giving you the full responsibility or you allow other people to manage your life. It does not mean you have to do everything yourself. But you need to know what you want to achieve with the particular tool and then manage it in 100%.

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