Project Description

Fears Are Holding You Back? It Is Time To End This!

Fearlessly Unstoppable – Intensive Strategic Session 

As a solo entrepreneur, introvert and a sensitive businesswoman you are frequently all alone with your strategy and most of business decisions. This is overwhelming and simply difficult. On top of that self doubts, uncertainties and all kinds of fears build up the stress level. The feeling of being lost and now knowing where to direct the focus and how to prioritize the actions become mind-boggling.

The Fearlessly Unstoppable Strategic Session works as an “instant fix” for most of the concerns you might have and develops the bridge to connect the place you are now with your vision and goals for your dream online business.

During this phenomenal, eye-opening experience you will have the opportunity to work on the challenges waiting for the clarity and untie all the knots that hold you back. You will leave the session not only highly energized and motivated but most importantly, with a three-stage plan that is ready to go!

 My clients – coaches, consultants and other kick-ass experts use this opportunity to resolve most burning business issues:

  • Where to start when you are ready and committed to move online
  • The most important parts of the brand and visibility online
  • Figuring out who to listen for advice and how evaluate their work
  • Getting over self doubts related to the face behind the brand
  • How to organize everything effectively to show up and communicate with clients. From choosing the platform to mail service.
  • How to get on with selling activites and the fear of being too pushy, too salesy
  • How to approach the tech stuff when you are not a “techy” person

This session is not for everybody. It is definitely not for you if you look for solutions that do not require focus and a bit of work. It is also not for you if: 

  • You are expecting the work done for you
  • You believe things cannot be changed or done differently
  • You are not open for learning and acquiring new skills
  • You trust only your own instincts and cannot trust other people
  • You are convinced that the change has to come from outside

Agnes was seeking a modern and professional approach to her blog. She had NO CLUE what kind of content will have a real value for her audience, she needed support with her posts promotion on Facebook, and she was a little overwhelmed with technical issues. She also needed a second opinion on appropriate technology to support her blog while making it accessible and easy to operate at the same time.  We met several times over the phone and Skype over a period of a few months.

Since then Agnes became the recognized publisher, with a growing number of fans every month. She knows how to convert fans into coaching clients, actively recommending her services.

AgnesAgnes, Executive Coach working with Suite A professionals

Best for those ready to take action

  • Especially important for bad ass entrepreneurs wanting to expand their business but stuck for their own fears
  • Critical for leaders who are sick and tired with their current online activities or services suppliers
  • Supporting the business owners disappointed with results generated by company webs or landing pages or simply lost in the online environment.
  • Opportunity for those who are overwhelmed and little lost with all these clicks, funnels and leads

We were struggling with a major communication problem which we could not crack ourselves. For one of our clients, it was extremely difficult to convince the respondents to use our digital surveys instead of an offline paper questionnaire. During one session with Maggie, we have received solid and strategic feedback on our process and materials used.

In result, we were able to optimize our system and communication pattern with our Clients. We remained confident that the solution we convey is not only painless but has the potential to generate substantial benefits. As a consequence, we have increased our response rate by up to 85 %.

Magda, Managing Director at Research Agency

What you can expect during the session

  • You will reach clarity of your next steps
  • You will get a better grip to make informed decisions
  • You will feel energized and motivated to achieve your goals in your own style
  • You will uplevel from a digital rookie to competent and confident entrepreneur

Fearlessly Unstoppable Strategic Session

1,5 Hours One-on-One Coaching

Video-Online Conference

Technical requirements

  • Quiet location and focus
  • Wide-band internet connection
  • Non-interrupted time block


500 €