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4-day Free Bootcamp To Claim Your Expert Position Online

They tend to disappear really fast!

Move Online Lady 4-Day Bootcamp

When: 5th-8th November, 2019 @ 6.00 PM CET

Hosted by Maggie Biernacka

Business Strategist and Effortless Transformation Coach for Kick-Ass Experts, Change Makers, Problem Solvers and No-Bullshit-Type Entrepreneurs

Big, bold dreams of online epansion and the additional revenue streams can end up with some sleepless nights.  Even great kick-ass experts face the anxiety when they simply do not know how to tackle the online sales and proactive reaching out for people. With their delicate nature and introvert character they prefer to avoid it, but “do not know how” factor generates apathy and feeling of being left behind. They need clarity and ideas on how to put the chaos into order and turn their selling abilities into solid competence growing their business.

By the end of this FREE 4-day experience you will pick up the elements helping you leap & jump into the amazing growth and your totally new normal:

🔥 learn the principles of energetic selling for ease of client attraction

🔥 understand your entrepreneurial characteristics and its business implications

🔥 figure out how to distribute your focus and energy to grow your business

🔥 connect with your intuiton and inner guidance system

🔥 be able to transform your fears and self doubts into power

Among other things you are about to find out how:

📌 Up level your established online business into an online world with confidence

📌 Identify your starting point and first online activities (and it will not be your website!)

📌 Claim your expert position online and present your genuine personality

📌 Harness and control your fears, doubts and uncertainties

📌 Connect with hearts and minds of perfect-for-you clients

All of this will be ready for you to pick up during this phenomenal FREE 4-day bootcamp. Get ready for 40-60-min masterclass type experience each day! Also be  prepared to do some small homework!

See you November 5th-8th at 6.00 PM CET