You Can Totally Move Online. Even When Your Website Is Not Ready

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Ten Mistakes When Moving Online. Mistake #1 Your Website

Online gurus and digital experts will recommend you to move online with your website. This will be your primary source of client acquisition. This may actually be not 100% true. You will have to build your website accurately and adequately. But you will be missing that knowledge in the beginning.

Confidence – Secret Formula to Expand Your Online Business

We all dream about being super confident and persuasive, yet only few of us are given that. Some are born with it, some get it during upbringing period, some try to learn it. What is a formula to learn confidence? What conditions need to be fulfilled to make it happen?

Your Inner and External Confidence When Moving Online

Out of the four areas that you need to master when moving online, not even having a website, this one seems the most impactful. Confidence builds your credibility and allows to claim your expert position with ease.

4 Activities To Master When Moving Online With No Website

When you are inclined to move online with your offline business, yet your web is still not there, you have plenty of opportunities still to make an impact and substantial business. There are 4 areas you need to master when planning this move.  You can master it as you make your first online steps.

Don’t Get Paralyzed. Move Online Without Website

During this little video, Maggie explains how to approach your first steps in the online world when you are absolutely inspired to move yet you still do not have your website ready.

Three Virtues Helping in the Online World

Speach about courage, persistence, and accountability so needed when you move online. Every day we face things we have absolutely no control of. And we have to cope with this.  Thoughts about the inclusion of fear and doubt into the process when you move online.

Hi! I’m Maggie!

Hi, I’m Maggie! I help business owners take their offline business online with simple effective strategies that are 100% doable and fully protect your integrity

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