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Are You A Kick-Ass Expert Dreaming At Night Of Online Expansion?

Client Magnetizer Bootcamp is not for EVERYBODY

It is for you if you are a kick-ass expert dreaming of your online business expansion. It is for you if you feel a little lost with the location of the starting point. It is for you if you want to sell online but are afraid to lose your integrity and true personality. It is for you if you feel DETERMINED to make it work still this year, in less than 40 days. It is for you if you are ready to make an effort and put your online strategy into the working mode. Finally! You are in!

This 5-weeks program concentrates on the topics critical for your business expansion and extraordinary growth and shows the easier way to your digital visibility and online presence. Foremost it integrates strategic and energetic elements attracting the perfect-for-you clients with ease and joy.

It is a program that will support you in presenting your genuine personality wrapped in your shining expert knowledge. It will help you develop your intuition, ability to handle your fears, uncertainties, and doubts that will materialize as you go.

During this 5-weeks of amazing learning experience you will pick up, amongst other things, how you can:

  • Develop building blocks of your online visibility and recognize the best-for-you online strategies
  • Sell with ease to perfect-for-you clients
  • Manage your own frustrations, anxiety, and self-doubts
  • Boost your confidence when going online and become visible online

When enrolling to Client Magnetizer program you will get, apart from many other items:

📌 Calculation of your online business selling capacity

📌 Kick-starter questionnaire that will precisely point out where you should put your eyes first

📌 5 weekly coaching sessions to answer all your burning questions, concerns and doubts

📌 Workbook full of incredible tasks and challenges ready to be applied directly onto your business

📌 Your unique energetic blueprint and your vision of the company in 12 months from now

And because I love to share and I would like to contribute to your growth I will be sharing some extra bonuses during an opening session. If you enroll today you will get:

  • One of the most effective strategies to manage your time
  • An incredible and remarkably fast method to energize yourself in seconds

Maggie Biernacka is a Business Strategist and Effortless Transformation Coach.

Her mission is to empower women to expand their offline, established businesses into an online world bringing more impact while keeping their integrity and genuine personality. Polish by birth, she is truly an international soul. After the sudden death of her father she realized that she needs a location free and time-independent business format hence the new idea of  Maggie’s Hub was born. The framework established there helps kick-ass experts to move their offline business online. Knowing how energetically draining expansion could be, Maggie is determined to demonstrate the easier path to the entrepreneurs. Without a website, with no struggle, with strong connection with the Inner Self. Her Effortless Transformation programs combine strategic and marketing side of business with spiritual and energetic work.

Most activities will be happening in the FREE FB group Effortless Transformation Sisterhood. Make sure to join us HERE

5-Weeks Experience

Group Coaching


November 20th, 2019


Group Coaching

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